OMG! What was that wine we liked?

Vinometer is a fast, no-nonsense note taking tool to mark down quick thoughts about a wine or spirit you are tasting or to save longer notes of your impressions with links and photos.

For wine connoisseurs, sommeliers, wine buyers, educators, students and enthusiasts.

Why Vinometer


Vinometer is an elegant and dedicated wine journal that has no frills and no unnecessary features and is enjoyable to use.


Vinometer can keep 1000+ tasting notes. All in one place. Stored securely in the cloud. You will never forget or lose another memory.


Vinometer helps you quickly find your tasting notes based on name, place, grape, food pairing, flavour, price, you name it!


Vinometer lets you record and recall your observations instantly. Whether you are tasting, shopping or blogging about wine it’s always with you just when you need it!


Vinometer lets you easily share and discuss your tasting notes with your colleagues, clients, friends or family members.


Vinometer doesn’t sell your data and has no ads.

And because it’s better than paper

A new taste of an age old vocation

Capture tasting notes and find them fast

Try Vinometer today!